As Sisters of the Presentation, we are actively engaged in justice for all persons, as well as in efforts promoting social, economic and Earth justice. As a community, we approach our commitments through the lens of our charism: hospitality. Presentation Sisters have sought justice for persons and have been welcoming to new people, new lands, new cultures and new experiences. We gather the unattended in places far and near. We have a lasting legacy – to be hospitable. It is our hallmark. It was our foundress’ dying wish. Thus we view our world and our work for justice though the lens of hospitality.


As family, we welcome the stranger and keep company with those fleeing violence, poverty and intolerable systems from countries they call home. We must always reverence our roots, which remind us that we are all descended from immigrants who depended greatly on hospitality in their time. In gratitude, we return that hospitality by way of gracious welcome to those who come to our land now, seeking, as our ancestors did, a better life by escaping violence or enslavement of various kinds. Our hospitality calls us to help them find a better way of life. It calls us to be gracious and non-judgmental, to “gather in the unattended and to attend the gathered in” with willing hands and open hearts, and to hear their stories with respect.


As believers in the sacredness and dignity of human life, we stand with victims of trafficking and oppose all forms of exploitation. It is crucial to remember that those who are trafficked, either for sexual or for labor purposes, are truly victims, and thus are in need of help, understanding and freedom. Members of our community and associates around Dubuque are part of an active trafficking coalition which works very hard to be aware of this evil, especially as it operates locally, but also to raise awareness among others, which is essential to catching the perpetrators and thus to stop this practice. Perhaps today the victims who have been abused in these ways are those most in need of warm hospitality, love and protection. They are among the first whom Nano Nagle would seek out today, and we must imitate her.


We promise to practice non-violence of mind and heart, speech and action as we address injustice directly and systemically. We strive to become authentic practitioners of non-violence by educating and practicing non-violence towards ourselves, others and all creation

Earth Care

As ecological citizens, we protect our environment and pledge to use Earth’s resources in responsible ways. In Genesis, God tells humans to “Subdue the earth.” This verb sounds like domination, except when one returns to the original Hebrew and to God’s word elsewhere about that verb. Using those references, we learn that God wants those with dominion to protect, to care for and to draw the best from. Thus our hospitality to Earth requires that, in collaboration with others, we take every measure to ensure that the earth will continue to flourish, to be safe under our protection and to produce only good for the rest of creation. In the spirit of St. Francis, we think of “Sister Earth” as truly our home which protects us and thus deserves our respect.